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Acts 16:1-10, Psalm 100:1-2, 3.5, John 15:18-21.


In Christian discipleship, there is nothing like sitting on the fence. One must take a stand. St Augustine once talked of “the city of God and the city of man.”  That has to do with the realm where we operate. The simple question is whether we look at realities with the eyes of the flesh or we allow the spirit to shape our mode of perception. Do we belong to God’s city or man’s city? Do we have preference for the flesh or we savour the life in the spirit?  The Lord said in today’s’ gospel, “You are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world.” [John 15:19b]

However, from the early days of the church, she (the church) has been under serious attacks. The early persecution came in form of physical brutality against the believers. But today attacks against the church are from both inside and outside the church. The space we give God in our hearts determines where we would stand, either as persecutors or as carriers of the gospel of grace. We can be a persecutor without realising it. The amount of the word of God we have in us will surely shape our attitude to God’s daily invitations. We must not always expect acceptance. Ignorance of the scripture is a delicate thing. Whoever opposes the way of the Lord should rather be pitied, because, “they do not know who sent him (Jesus).”[ John 15:21b]

Hence, in the face of outright rejection of the Christian faith by unbelievers or ungodly structures, we are encouraged to draw strength from the Lord, the master, who has gone through the same experience. In the face of the persecution that arises from fellow believers, we are called to stand firm. The world hatred cannot be compared to the glory we share in the Lord. However, the revelatory dimension of the Christians faith makes it look like madness in the sight of some people even within the church.

All we need is to draw courage from the Lord. To follow him, we should be ready to share in his experience. In all, glory at the end.

Peace be with you.

Spiritans Sound