O Heavenly Table of the Sea of love. Holy Spirit, the love of the Father, who made all things and declared that they are all good. I bow my head before your majesty that you may sweep over my soul and make me truly thine. Fill me with the love that flow from your holy Altar. Make me an altar of your divine light. Make my life the radiance of your glory.  In your love I want to breathe. In your love I want to live. In your love I want to conquer.  Give me joy in my heart; keep me praising your holy name.

O Magnet Divine, make my life a centre of attraction where people may come and find solace. O Ocean of beauty, decorate my life with the flowers of your love. Give me a heart of welcome. Create in me a banquet of your love. May my lifestyles be acceptable to you. Help that I may walk daily in the ocean of your love. Adorn me with the flowers of purity. Make my heart pure within that I may be a true herald of your gospel of love here on earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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