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[St Boniface was Benedictine monk, born in England.  He was consecrated a bishop by Pope Gregory II. He was known for his good deeds. He died a martyr]

2Timothy 3:10-17, mark 12:35-37

Today, the world is filled with many people who declared themselves ministers of God but are mere impostors. This has been creating a lot of dents on the image of the church. To worsen the situation, the other ministers, who are expected to save the situation by showing the world the right way to follow, are not helping the matter either. Some are busy, criticizing those who are causing havoc in the body of Christ.

However, if we claim that a thing is fake; our next line of action should be to present the authentic one. In a world filled with deceptions, we need people who will show the true light.  Who will make the difference by standing for the truth? Who will show the good example? Who, with Paul will be bold to say,

“Beloved, you have observed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness, my persecutions, my sufferings,what befell me at Antioch, at Iconium, and at Lystra what persecutions i endured; yet from them all the Lord rescued me ..”[2Timothy 3:10-11]

It takes the grace of God to be consistent in the way of the Lord. It takes God’s special help to persevere in the truth knowing that “all who desire to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”[2Timothy 3:12] St Boniface died for the sake of the gospel. all to God’s greater glory.

Moreover, because of persecution or the attitude of the world against the truth, many of those who started with Christ have dropped their batons and joined the band wagon of the charlatans.  There are many who actually have the call from God, but have derailed because of the world’s standard.

It is a fact that even Satan had the call of God upon his life. He simply lost it as a result of pride. Whoever is not guided by God’s word will run the risk of being cornered by him as to share in his fate. He does so by confusing people’s knowledge of God.

It is the perfect knowledge of the word of God that can truly guide us into the right path. In order to sustain our ministry or to endure in our following of God’s ways, the word of God remains our vocal point.

It is meant to:

  1. To teach
  2. To reproof.
  3. To correct.
  4. To train in righteousness.

[2 Timothy 3:16]

Dear beloved, let us make concerted effort to study the word of God. May his Word take flesh in our lives. Amen


O Lord, your Word is a lamp for my feet, and a light for my path,[Psalm 119:106] Lead me in the way of your command, that I may not depart from the path you have designed for me. Amen.

Spiritans Sound