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Even if the end of the world is coming tomorrow, go ahead and plant your seed. Even if you hear that Jesus is coming the next moment, don’t stop the foundation of the house you are about laying. If this world has no link with the next, then you no have issue with the hereafter. It is what you do here that determines your state in the next. Don’t shrink from being responsible for the fear of the unknown. Don’t stop being human. Though short, life has no end. Death is simply a change of gear.  No one is ready to inherit your wicked acts. It is the good you do that will live after you.

Be steady in living your life.

And don’t be afraid of your journey into eternity.

Dear one, as you face the Daily Realities of your Life, may nothing block the flow of God’s life in you. May your journey into eternity be smooth. Amen.

Spiritans Sound