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1Kings 21:17-29, Matthew 5:43-48

It is a fact that nobody is ready to inherit the consequences of another person’s sins. The evil that men do live after them. He who prepares a bowl of wormwood [plant with bitter flavour] should be prepared to drink from it while the remaining cup will be left for his offsprings.

The evil which king Ahab committed caught up with him as the Lord said,

I will bring evil upon you.

I will utterly sweep you away.

I will cut off from Ahab every male, bond or free, in Israel…

I will make your house like the house of jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasha the son of Ahijah.”

About Jezebel, the Lord said,

The dogs shall eat Jezebel within the bounds of Jezreel.

Anyone who belongs to Ahab who dies in the city the dogs shall eat, anyone who of his who dies in the open country the birds of the air shall eat.” 1Kings 21:20-24

The blood of Naboth cried for justice. Ahab and his household had to pay. However, his cry for mercy caused God to change his mind, but his generations to come would pay.  The wicked cannot go unpunished, but to those who repent mercy belongs.

However, if God could forgive King Ahab who committed the crime, he will surely forgive any of his generations who would not share in his sin. It is all about knowledge. The Lord did not say that he will bring the evil on his son but in his son’s days. Rather, he said, “Because he has humbled himself before me, I will not bring the evil in his days, but in his son’s days I will bring the evil upon his house.” 1Kings 21:28. Those offsprings who know their history and are not ready to repeat the evil deeds of their ancestors shall not be liable. Those who are unaware of the evil past of their family should simply cling to Jesus. He knows all. His blood is the saving blood. Only him can save us from inherited guilt of our parents. His blood is the remedy. His mercy is the answer.

Dear beloved, let us toe the path of the light. Let us rid ourselves of any kind of negative trait in our bloodline which may activate the consequence of our parent’s past actions. Let us repent of our sinful ways so as to prepare a smooth-landing for the generations to come.


O Lord, help me to live in your perfect love. May I live in your light that no circumstance or human provocation will lead me into actions which can activate in my life the negative impact of the past evil deeds in my bloodline. O Lord Show me your mercy. Thy kingdom come.



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