Sirach 48:1-14, Matthew 6:7-15

In our today’s’ gospel, when Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, he laid emphasis on forgiveness.

Many of us are sick today because of the bitterness we carry in our hearts against others.

Unless we make ourselves channels of God’s mercy, his praise cannot be sweet on our lips- Hallow be thy name. I praise you Lord for who you are. You are merciful and just. I praise you because I love your ways and I derive joy in following it.

The refusal to forgive others separate us from God and this separation cannot allow his kingdom to come into our lives.  God’s will cannot be done in the life of he who does not want his soul to prosper. God’s will is that we prosper in all things and be in health, just as our souls prosper. 3 John 2. An unforgiving soul is a sick soul. It does not accommodate the will of God.

Dear beloved, let us be forgiving.

  • We should not allow the actions of others to sweep us off our feet.
  • We are feeble; we are mortal, capable of faltering.
  • Since God has never gotten the best from us, we should not expect the best from others.
  • Let us accept our limitations and allow the grace of God to abide in us.
  • Unless we accept our humanity, we cannot accept the humanity of others with all its flaws.
  • Let us express compassion for others, lest we close the door of mercy against ourselves.


Help me Lord to forgive those who hurt me. Make me perfect like you in all things.  May I not forfeit your mercy on the altar of revenge. Thy kingdom come.


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