Jaystone Gold – Onyeoma ft Fada Femi Orilua (C.S.Sp) & Helen Igwe & Sylva N.E.

Spiritans Sound Music World presents, the upcoming Music Star and producer,  Jaystone Gold, featuring Fada Femi Orilua (C.S.Sp) & Helen Igwe & Sylva N.E  to release an inspiring single titled ONYEOMA which means ‘THE GOOD ONE.’ Download, be blessed, add to your collection and share among friends and family. Music produced by Jaystone Gold.




ONYEOMA lyrics.

CHORUS(Jaystone Gold)_
Onyeoma Chineke,(God the good being)
Otito diri gi n’leu kasienu(glory be to you in the highest)2x.

VERSE 1(Fada Orilua,CSSp)_
Ogo ni folorun loke Orun o
Alafia si ni laiye
F’awon eniyan re toni ife inu rere.
(glory to God in the highest
and on earth peace
To men of good will)

VERSE 2(Helene Igwe)_
Anyi ekele gi
Onyenweanyi i by dike
Olisabuluwa chineke
i zuru nkeme
(We thank you
Our Lord you are mighty
The God who holds d world, The God who creates
You all sufficient).

During the chorus
Onyeoma Chineke, okwa gi ne nye ndu. Chukwu n’eme mma._
(God the good being, it is you who gives life, the God that does good)

VERSE 3(Sylva N.E.)_
You’re the great and mighty God,
from age to age there is none like you.
I lift up my hands and voice in praise of you my God;
for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do,
That’s why I’m singing.

During the chorus_
Yea hee.. you are the same yesterday today and forever, otito diri gi n’leu kasienu)

VERSE 4(Jaystone Gold)_
Eghenemi daanogho We rahuimhen mhenremudia
(when things were hard you gave me strength to stand)
Osewekhin uweiyi oria obhebe(you’re God, you’re no other man)
Ghe agbon nuwere reni mhen, mhen daretiewe aba( look at the life you gave to me to call you father)
Osewekhin uweiyi oria obhebe(you’re God, you’re no other man)

During the chorus_
Jesu Christi uwe mata(Jesus Christ you’re the one we’re talking about)
Abha mioria nondiabuwe Jesu(there’s no one like you Jesus)2x,
Uweopkanon (you’re the only one)3x,
_Ahuekpolo gbe(you power is too great)2x,
O kpolo gbe(It Is too great),_
Jesu Kristi(Jesus Christ).

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2 years ago

Wow….. This is beautiful ?

2 years ago

Whoa!!! It sounds so great!!!
Looking forward to listening to other new tracks here.

2 years ago

This is really spiritual it touches the heart, I love it, may God open more doors for greater heights, this I pray Amen.

Josephine okoye
Josephine okoye
2 years ago

Angelic….. Nice one.

2 years ago

Am glad listening to this Song that lifts people’s heart to God!
Thank u so much Jaystone Gold! For this wonderful song!!

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