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[A contemporary of Saint Francis of Assisi, Dominic de Guzman was born in Spain in 1170. After his philosophical studies, he was ordained and later became a canon. He lived and preached in evangelical poverty, gathering around himself others priests who later became first members of the Order of preachers (Dominicans). Placing a lot of emphasis on contemplation, study and preaching, his order grew strong within a short time. He died in Italy in 1221.]

Hab 1:12-2:4, Matthew 17:14-20

Ignorance, fear and doubt are major tools of the devil. With these he strips Christians of their power over him. He makes us unaware of our authority in Christ. He instils fear in us and cast doubt on our little knowledge.

If we know our place in Christ, we will surely achieve what people perceived to be impossible. When we say what we mean and we mean what we say, our words become potent. Though our rule of prayer must be our rule faith, righteousness is the bed-rock of genuine faith, “for the righteous shall live by faith.” Hab 2:4

In our today’s gospel, the disciples of Jesus, for lack of faith in themselves and the power which they possessed, they could not deliver the epileptic boy who was possessed by the demon. However, the Lord stepped into the scene and did in an instant what was seemingly impossible for the disciples.

He rebuked the demon, and he came out of him and the boy was healed instantly. Matthew 17:18

St Dominic devoted himself to preaching the word of God. He left the comfort of the world to minister the gospel to the poor. Poor in spirit, let us give the word of God a place in our lives that we may bear the fruits of strong faith in the power of God to save.


O Lord! Increase my faith. Help my unbelief. Thy kingdom come.


Spiritans Sound