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A well-kept toilet is a beauty to a home.  It takes all the rubbish and absorbed all the mess. It keeps the house from foul smell. It’s content if rechanneled or recycled can reproduce a beautiful end product. For the society to be sane, there is need for those with the stamina that can stand the  blows at the receiving ends. We can translate the negative energy around us into sources of strength if only we could drink the cup of patient endurance. It is natural for man to emit some substances. What we do with the by-products of others is what matters.

#Imagine yourself being a shit hole at least for once

#But know for sure that there is limit to what your suck away pit can take.

+++Dear one, as you journey daily with others, may the Lord grant you the strength to contain the blows you receive from others. May he grant you the right mind that you may not be a cross on the shoulders of others.

Spiritans Sound