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One mistake you must not make is getting married to someone who doesn’t support or believe in your little beginning.

I urge you not to marry such person. No matter how beautiful, handsome, or brilliant they are. Don’t make that mistake, for it will be a lifetime pain.

I know of a guy who was in a relationship with a particular Lady but unfortunately the Lady didn’t believe in his dreams.

It happened that the guy started a business and the business was doing just fine.
Along the line, the guy noticed that his girlfriend do advertise her friends’ business on whatsapp so he asked her to help advertise his business to some of her friends as well.

To his surprise, his girlfriend told him “her friends won’t like it.”
To think this is a business everyone will like. In fact, some of her friends who had happened to know about the business some other ways have patronised and also referred this same business his lady claimed they won’t like.
And to think she herself had benefitted a lot from this business.

Imagine this lady was the first he had contacted when he was about to start the business, she would have discouraged him, made him see reasons the business won’t work, thus killing his ideas.

The truth is, there are a lot of people like that guy who have great ideas. But unfortunately they had to let go of such brilliant ideas due to the advice of people they contacted when they got the idea.

You see, you can support your partners in many ways and its not necessarily when you spend money on their business you are supporting them.

Sometimes, your words of encouragement goes a long way.

Let me quickly add this, I am at a point in my life that if I decide to sell Garri and I have a woman who can’t support my hustle in her own little way, I will have to let go of her. It is a deal breaker for me.

I don’t even mind if she doesn’t support me with funds or refer me to her friends in as much she doesn’t talk my business down or give me reasons why she thinks people won’t like the business.

In a nutshell, date or marry someone who believes in your little beginning, in your ideas and your hustle.

I hope this help someone? Meet me at the comment section.



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