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As you go about your day, don’t be the reason someone gets depressed.

If you can’t help people, don’t compound their problems. Be conscious of your words.

People have battles you may not know, take a deep breath and think before you talk down or castigate people.

Just so you know, battles doesn’t respect status, class, personality; the small, the low nor the high.

The truth is, many of the people you see around, both online and offline who smiles every minute have a thing or the other which bothers them from time to time. But you won’t know this because they choose not to disclose it. Not that they are strong or the issue is not bothersome, they just don’t want to be seen as attention seekers thus the mask.

Even if they had chose to disclose their issues, there are humans who will still make fun of them, talk down on them and make them feel even worse than before and this is unfair and unkind.

It beats me when I see people being unkind to their fellow humans just for the fun of it.

Before you judge anyone, ask important questions or if possible, do not judge at all because often times, we may not be the reason for the predicament of people at that point in time but our attitude toward them or our words might impact what decision they might take as regards the predicament.

Learn to pay attention to people, be sensitive, be kind and don’t criticize people you know little or nothing about.

In a nutshell, don’t be the reason someone put an end to his/her life untimely.

Spiritans Sound