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It’s true the youths of nowadays go into relationships/marriage for different reasons, which is good.

But whatever your reasons maybe, I want to urge you to be watchful, extraordinarily careful, be vigilant, and don’t be ignorant.

You see, you may get married to a man/woman because he/she is tall, huge, rich, down to earth or sexy.

But you must not be “ignorant” to some red flags ? during your dating/courtship period.

Ignorance has caused so many people a lot in their relationships, jobs, businesses, careers, marriages and in their entire lives.

You see those little things you saw or perceived at the early stage of your relationship with your partner, but decided not to talk/address them are one of the things that has caused many people so much in their relationship/marriages. And many of them wished they had addressed or talked about them earlier when they noticed.

And that is why you must be intentional about your relationship/ marriage so you won’t make the same mistakes.

For example, As a lady, you hang out with your man and while in the bus (public vehicle), a fellow lady mistakenly stepped on your toes and you made her know what she did and demanded an apology but she refused.

Then, you decided to let go. But your boyfriend took it upon himself that it’s either she apologise to you or he beats her.

So in the process, people who didn’t know what actually happened in the bus got to know and they all apologised to you and your boyfriend.

But he refused to let go of the matter, and everyone’s effort to calm him was abortive.

Being his girlfriend, people asked you to calm him because they believe you are the only one who is closer to him at that place, but he shouted at you and asked you to keep quiet, otherwise he will transfer his aggression on you. But you had no choice than to pacify him.

Unfortunately, he hit you during the process.

After the whole drama, you showed him where he had hit you and you expressed your displeasure in what he did and all he had to say is that he did that because of his love for you.

My dear, that is not love, that is stupidity.

If a man loves and respect you, he would have shown the love when you tried pacifying him.

Imagine, A man you are not married to, and he seems to be difficult to caution. ??

What will he do when he finally gets married to you?

Such a man can actually murder you for ‘his love’.

As a woman, when you talk to your partner, no matter how tough, giant, influenced or rich he is, he should able to listen to you and accord you the respect you deserve no matter the circumstances.

And the same thing is applicable to the wife.

What is love without respect? There is no love without respect.

And the funniest thing is, some women are aware of this red flag, and many others I didn’t mention here.

But they don’t care. Ignorantly, they assumed it’s not a big issue. But the truth is, if you don’t address it now that you aren’t legally married, it may destroy your marriage later in the future.

So don’t take a stupid risk, don’t leave any stone unturned.

I hope this helps someone.

Spiritans Sound