To my fellow younger friends.

I know there is pressure on you. I know you want to “hit”. I know you want to be celebrated. I know you see what your “mates” do on Instagram. Their weddings, their parties and vacations.

It must affect you. You see a society that only respects those with money. That only recognises the one with cash. It spurs a desire in you. You want that life!

My younger friends do not be tempted to get rich or die trying. Have patience and work hard. Sow seeds for tomorrow today. Many of those you look at now, do not last till the end. Most of them are beggars; begging for your validation of their status as rich.

You must be strong. You take it step by step. You live a life of values. You must be strong to live the life you can afford. Money, does not really bring happiness. Contentment does.

Do not be envious of your mates. Internally they might be envious of your peace of mind and stability. Find those two and be happy.

There is pressure. Plenty of it everywhere. The motivational speaker might be a fraud. Self motivate. Let your values motivate you.

It is tough. You will get there if you persevere, make sound decisions and play the long game.

May God help us to also depend on the maternal care and intercession of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows and our Mother. Amen.

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God bless you abundantly


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