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I have seen many of you complain bitterly about how a man gives you little or no respect.

Most times, many of you are the reason a man gives you little or no respect. 

To start with, some ladies are too desperate to have a man thereby turning themselves to a trash can?.

Whatever a man do or say to them is acceptable even if they haven’t done anything wrong.

Some ladies are desperate to find love thus they have become vulnerable.

The truth is, no man will respect you if you do not place value on yourself. You need to respect and value yourself before anyone will do the same to you. Even amongst your fellow women.

I am not saying you should be rude or arrogant. But there are different ways you can show people that you respect yourself enough without being rude.

You see, the reason most people in Nigeria feels ‘FEMINISTS’ are proud is because of how they portray and carry themselves.

The truth however is true feminism is not a freedom to do wrong but right things.

The reason some men tagged women who respect themselves a lot or live on principles “feminist” is because they can’t stand their principles. 

Naturally, men loves to control, dominate and take charge. So anything or anyone trying to stop them from doing these becomes their ‘rival’ or enemy.

In Nigeria, any woman who refuses to be manipulated, controlled by a man or has decided to live on her own principles is tagged a ‘feminist’.

Yes, I know Nigerians have a way of terming things to suit their beliefs but then, it is what it is.

Also, I know some of the people who claimed to be feminists are rude, which is why many people in the society feels it is a freedom to do wrong, disobey your partner, or be the man in the relationship.

But the truth is, if you see anyone who claimed to be a feminist and such a person is rude, she is just being rude or bossy on her own.

I think Feminism is knowing your rights, fighting for your right and doing the right thing.

This post is not about feminism, but I used feminism as an example because most people in our society including women feels demanding respect from the other gender has to do with feminism. No, it has nothing to do with it.

Furthermore, until some of you ‘ladies’ identify what is good for you, and place some respect on yourself, that is when men will respect you.

Meanwhile, if you want a man to respect you, you don’t have to go all around shouting or blabbing. You can do this in a decent manner.

Remember, you can’t force anyone to respect you neither can you buy respect. 

You can only earn respect when people see how much you have invested in yourself or how far you have gone in developing yourself. 

The truth is, you need to respect yourself before a man or your fellow woman will respect you. This also applies to men. 

I have said this before, and I am saying it again. Ladies, stop being desperate for love.

Spiritans Sound