#LittleThingsThatChangeLives – The Football Experience

Greetings, This is an introductory article to the new column Little Things That Change Lives with, Andrew Oghoghorie, (CSSp) by Bro Andrew Oghoghorie, (CSSp).

This column will be updated every Friday henceforth. Hope you enjoy reading and be inspired too.


I have always loved anything football, I grew up wanting to be like football greats like Kaka, the Brazilian and AC Milan midfielder. Everywhere have been, there have been various nicknames added to my name ranging from Isco, Pato, Requieme, and the rest. I usually fight hard on the pitch of play; nothing kept me off balance than laxity of my teammates on the field, “always mark the player within your zone” have been my watchword.

I usually give my best and they are times I feel that  others just don’t want to sacrifice enough for the team’s progress, so I decided that once I sae this laxity in the team’s play, I would care less in fighting for the common good of the whole team.

After playing a good game one faithful evening, a ______  walked up to me and said “don’t change your game because of what others do on the pitch, that is not your nature”. That word sparked some chord in me and has been what has sustained my courage till today.

Little meaningful and encouraging words like that change people just as those statements made on the football pitch changed me for better. What little things have you done to change people? 




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Ernest osas
Ernest osas
2 years ago

This is a powerful lines, it is short but the effect is so much. I pray God will continue bless you as you share your wisdom with is people

6 months ago

Nice ??

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