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It was gathered that, Linda Ikeji celebrated her 40th birthday by spoiling herself with 85 pairs of shoes, a brand new 2020 Range Rover, and 35 designer bags.

That was a really loud celebration that got people talking online about why she would spend that much on herself, and questioning the source of her wealth, for the umpteenth time.

The same happened with Otedola when he bought his daughters cars that most people can only dream of. People took jabs at his source of wealth. 

Reading about the whole back and forth on social media got me thinking for a sometime.

I won’t splurge like Linda, it’s not my style, but it would pretty much hurt to spend on something I really like and want, then start having people judge me, make accusations or try to have an opinion about how I should spend my money – especially if my money is legit!

You can argue about people’s source of wealth like you have inside info, but it totally reeks of jealousy and bitterness to be mad at someone for spending money. Their own money!!

Linda is the celebrity focus for this post. I have also seen this play out even when it concerns regular people. Someone shows off something new on their Status and you are already wondering if it’s a sugar daddy somewhere or yahoo yahoo that is bankrolling them. 

Normalize watching people spend their money and get inspired to make yours in legit fashion, rather than fuming and coming up with lies, accusations and conspiracy theories, simply because you can’t fathom how the money came about.

If you did not make accusations for people’s hustling moments, don’t make up any stupid lies when they are balling.

We all have secret desires we want to fulfill when we have more than enough money. Linda has chosen a brand new Range, shoes and bags.

You are totally free to fulfill your desires too, regardless of what people will say or think.

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