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#LittleThingsThatChangeLives With Bro Andrew Oghoghorie – The Handwork Experience

At the center of doing handi-work or work that involves craftsmanship is aesthetics. Most times, the pain of putting our best and yet the result seems undesirable seems to be too much to bear, this has resulted in reducing the confidence level in many people.

Confidence is one item that generates improvement in performance;  at a point in our lives, we all must have experienced a shaky level of confidence in something, but like in every life situation, there are people who always have the strength to redo what they have done wrong, these people are not easy quitters.

Sometime in the past, I tried my hand on tiles work in our home; after having a hectic day of doing this work which I was a novice at, I discovered that the outcome of the work was ugly. The tile lines were really nothing to write home about. I asked those around me to give me their comments about the work and they all said leave it the way it is”, but deep down within me, I wasn’t satisfied, as I knew I could have done better. After two days of brainstorming, I decided to go back to the work. It was a suffering that demanded courage and behold, after undoing my work and redoing it again, It became a better and more appealing job, befitting to the eyes, in fact, I got more accolades for it.

Their words could have satisfied me when I did the job initially, but one thing remained certain in life, better cannot be the best when the best is still an available option. Their initial commendations didn’t change my opinion of knowing what I did wasn’t what I wanted to achieve.

Instead of making people comfortable at the table of mediocre, why not walk the ladder of achieving more with them if it is possible?




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