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One of the ways you will know you have married or will be marrying the right person is being with someone who cares about how you manage your money, time, skills, and other tangible assets.

This is not peculiar to one gender, it actually goes both ways.

A man should care very much and support his woman’s financial growth as much as the woman should play a pivotal role in being her man’s best adviser, critic and support of his financial well-being.

Two financially sound heads are better, stronger and safer than one good head with a dependent partner and children.

Love and friendship are the strong foundations of every marital union, but what is a foundation without a building? Can you live peacefully on a foundation alone? Haha!

Your finance is the size and sophistication of building you need to erect on your foundation of love and friendship. Without a healthy finance, love and friendship will not flow well. If you poorly erect a building on a good foundation, the house will still collapse. That’s why it’s important to actively seek out another good financial head to partner with in marriage or you make efforts to build it into your partner.

Trust me, you are doing it to give your children a headstart in life.

Don’t just look for a partner that will carry your entire burden, be good enough to carry your partner’s burdens too.

Your job is to actively push your partner into making the right financial decisions. Help them build skills to earn more, to grow their business, spend wisely, save more, invest right and above all, help each other protect your precious investments.

If your partner is not the type to care, support or give sound advice on how to grow your finances, no matter how beautiful or chiseled they are, japa!!!

Spiritans Sound