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THE MAGIC OF SELF-ACCEPTANCE,* _Engr Batholomew Ndubuisi_

Some years back, I made a decision and that decision changed my life for good and I can say it’s one of the best decision I have ever made.

I made a decision to be “ME”.

I chose to be “Me” regardless of what life throws at me. I chose to be true to myself and stop beating myself up mentally for circumstances beyond my control.

The truth is; when you accept “WHO YOU ARE”, your life becomes meaningful to you and people around you, you will understand why ‘you’ are ‘you’ and why ‘others’ are ‘others’.

When you accept and value “WHO YOU ARE”, you will live a purposeful life. You will be able to walk heads high and be confident about yourself.

When you accept; “WHO YOU ARE”, you will have peace of mind. You will be happy and be proud of your little wins.

You will learn to cut your coat according to your size, learn to be contented and not be under any undue pressure whatsoever.

You will live your life to express and not to impress, you won’t compare yourself to anyone.

I tell those that are close to me that even if it’s one shirt I have, I will wear it till I can afford another one. And this I will do with pride, after all, the shirt is mine.

You see, there is nothing like being you.

There is this peace that comes with being real to yourself. It saves you from chasing shadows.

Just so you know, frustration will set in when you keep trying to live like a particular person; trying to be who you can never be no matter how hard you try.

When you refuse to accept You for “WHO YOU ARE”, you will do seemingly great things and it won’t make any sense to you but when others do the same thing you have done, you will praise them for doing a great job.

When you accept “WHO YOU ARE”, you draw people to the potentials within, you explore your God given abilities to the fullness, you will celebrate your little wins, you will be your own cheerleader and your life will begin to make sense.

In a nutshell, be true to yourself

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