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#LittleThingsThatChangeLives With Bro Andrew Oghoghorie – A Trigger That Would Have Stopped Me From Writing

Life might not always be the way we want it to be but patience might finally get us what we want along the way, which has actually worked way more than being impatient for a lot of people. 

Writing is one thing that I love doing, right from the days of writing “MESA by Gp” in Oceanography, Writing is about expressing one’s self in simple words that people can easily understand, and simple short stories are my main thing because it saves people the stress of reading long articles.

In most of my articles, I abbreviate people’s real names instead of their real names, a style I will continue to use in my write-ups. 

A certain fan of my short stories who didn’t know me as the writer asked me; “do you know who usually writes these articles?” I said yes, it’s me. , and from that moment, I stopped getting his feedback like I used to and also noticed that his enthusiasm for my articles died.  

What happened you may wonder? The easiest reason that came to mind was, he doesn’t think of me to be a good writer since we knew each other.  Then I realize that in this life, there are people who will not believe what you are capable of doing, no matter how good you are. 

If you are in this kind of situation,  what will you do? Will you stop striving for perfection because people don’t believe in your capabilities? Will you stop trying to become a better version of you just because some certain people are not validating you? Do you really need people’s validation to explore your God’s giving talent which you obviously know you possess? While some people see a bit of good in every bad person, some others see a bit of bad in every good person.

Did I stop writing? No, and I think I will still not stop writing. That little experience could have derailed me from writing, but yes it could not change me this time. I kept moving and you too should keep your fire burning with or without peoples’ validations. 




©O.O. Andrew2020

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