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THE GIFT OF HAVING PEOPLE* , Engr Bartholomew Ndubuisi.

I once made a post on my Whatsapp Status that *Nothing beats the gift of having people*. and some of my friends think that I am talking about people that give me money.

When I talk about having people, a lot of people are quick to think that I’m talking about people that give me money. I mean, I have people that do, but this transcends money.

Last year, I was in Port Harcourt for *Pharm Joe* Traditional Marriage. Joe is a good friend of mine. Travelling for his wedding opened up an avenue for me to venture into feeding 500 people on the street.

This happened through the help of my friends, I asked all of them for a difficult favour and they came out to help. I told them that I needed them to help cook food and we share it to people on the street.

Pharm Joe* had to go to Owerri to prepare for his Traditional marriage, but he had to join me and share the food before going. One of my online followers had a meeting, but he still found time to join and cancel his meeting. *Rejoice* My Owerri girlfriend travelled all the way from Owerri just to join me and support the task.

I have so many friends that’ll go out of their way to help me when I’m in need. I’d do same and even more for them. I have friends that listen and I have friends that I listen to.

I have people that know people almost everywhere. Most times, friends reach out to me to ask if I know someone that does this or sells that, and if I don’t have them in my immediate circle, I always know someone that knows someone that does.

The thing is, beyond God putting people in my life just when and where I need them, I’ve been strategic about my friendships too, most especially to my Priest Friends. I just don’t take and take and take, I give something in return. I service our relationship. So, you can’t expect to have people who will always be there for you when you’re never there for them, I don’t think it works that way.

However, there are some relationships that you can’t service though, you just have to pay it forward.

The summary of this rant is that priceless relationships are not always about money, money is not bad though. Also, you cannot claim not to have people when people don’t have you. Be the friend you want people to be to you.

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