HOW TO CONVERT YOUR HATERS, Engr Bartholomew Ndubuisi

Sometimes all you need to convert the people you call haters, to friends, is a bit of attention.

Human nature is a most intriguing thing. Many people who antagonize you openly, especially when you have done nothing to hurt them, are people who actually admire you privately but cannot get the attention they crave. And nowhere else is this phenomenon more evident to me than on social media.

For some people, the only reason “‘Your own too much’ na because you no be their friend. No be say your own even reach anything, before e go too much.” Again, I find it intriguing how people admire you to the point they begin to resent you for being you.

You know like when we were teenagers and we couldn’t be friends with that fine girl on our street that we so admired? Then we suddenly realized “She too dey form, with her bend bend leg and big nose. No be say she too fine sef.” Let the girl only say “Hi” and her legs go straight again.

Hate is a strong emotion that I refuse to believe people easily conjure up. Resentment, I can understand. And yes, people can truly admire you, wish they had what you had, and at the same time resent you for being the same you they admire. Pay them a little attention and see the resentment become loyalty…if not brazen fawning.

So when I get unwarranted bile out of the blues from someone on Social media, all I want to say is, “I have seen you. I know you admire me. Come down from that sycamore tree small man; for tonight I shall sup at your house dear.”

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