HOMILY OF TUESDAY OF THE 31ST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME YEAR A ST MARTIN DE PORRES [MEMORIAL] He was born at Lima in Peru in the year 1579, the son of a Spanish father and a coloured mother. As a young man he learnt the art of a dispenser of medicines, and afterwards when he joined the Dominican Order he practised this for the sake of the poor. He led a humble and austere life and had a great devotion towards the Holy Eucharist. He died in the year 1639. [Daily Missal] Phil 2:5-11, Luke 14:15-24 To partner with God is a thing of joy. Reclining at his banquet table is a great privilege not to be misused or missed. There are many good things which if we are not careful can deprive us of the better.  We must not toil with any opportunity given to us by God. Jesus gave a parable in today’s gospel which paints the picture of a master who prepared a banquet and invited people who later gave excuses that they cannot come. Though their excuses were genuine, excluding themselves from the party was to their own peril. The Lord used this parable to speak to the Jews. If they toil with their position as the Lord’s chosen, he would open the door to the gentile. At the due time, he actually did that. It follows that any refusal of man to God’s call can bring disaster. When we do not follow God’s directive or we refuse to follow his path, we may suffer the repercussion, because we cannot live a joyous or fulfilled life. May St Martin the Porres pray for us and may no human engagement or worldly attraction blind our eyes to God’s divine call in Jesus name. Amen  
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