Dear Singles

There is a lot to consider before saying “I do”. One thing I have noticed is that most people just want the ‘married’ tag .They don’t really know what marriage entails.

Just so you know, marriage is more than a wedding ceremony, it goes beyond the decor, the vows and what you are putting on. It’s the determination of two parties who are truly in love with each other to make their union work no matter what maybe.

The truth is, most people get married these days for the wrong reasons; some for financial security, others do because of the societal pressure.

I think societal pressure is the major reason why most people get married to the wrong person, that can be the only explanation why anyone would go ahead with a marriage despite concurrent red flags?.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, if you rush into it, you will most probably rush out.

Don’t risk anything you know will backfire or hunt you sooner or later in life if you marry that man/woman neither should you leave any stone unturned, know your partner, marry your friend.

Don’t date/marry anyone who doesn’t believe in your dream no matter how much they claim to love you.

It will save you a lot on the days of adversity.

Use your head, think about your happiness because whatever happens, you will bear the brunt alone.


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