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#LittleThingsThatChangeLives – What A Missed Exam Taught Me by Bro Andrew Oghoghorie

The speed to blame has become an easy escape route for most people as it is easier to blame the next person than to take responsibility for one’s failures. What this has left us with in the world is a situation where nobody finally becomes responsible for actions. An experience from an exam brings this to light.

Nothing keeps most students off balance than the thought of writing exams at the end of a particular period. This period most times is marked with a very serious and serene mood on campus especially with the strange sight of the “prayerful” quote suddenly becoming the most religious, “let this cup pass away”. Not to mention those who will suddenly exchange classrooms for bedrooms, this site can become scarier when a tough course is at hand.

I was supposed to write an important exam by 9am on a particular day, I miscalculated hoping the same exam would be by 11am, I was far from school premises so I could only verify through a call. At the end of it all, I missed the exam, I was angry at myself and my fellow classmates who I thought should have been able to contact me when my absence was noticed. It took me some time but I was able to overcome it with two things, first taking the responsibility for failing to meet up in time and moving on to correct it by making sure I got to the exam centre hours before it began. It was really a trying period for me.

This and many other experiences made me realize that firstly, we are responsible for anything that happens to us. This has thus helped me to become a more responsible person. My friend, this is the bitter truth, You are responsible for your actions.  The blame game has never been the way out of the world challenges, we are all responsible for the world problem and until we all claim our responsibility individually, moving up together will never be possible.



O. Andrew2020

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