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R1:- 1 John 5:5-13
Accl:- Matthew 4:23
Gospel:- Luke 5:12-16

People with special or rare gifts will always have the search light of the public on them. The presence of such people can be a threat to some men and women in their neighbourhood. However, their attitude towards the crowd who may seek to crown them will always determine whether they will last or not.

Jesus, in the bid to manage the attention he receives from the crowd had to instruct the man healed of leprosy not tell anyone about his healing. Rather, he should just go and show himself to the priest. The Lord refused to glory in human praise. Instead of massaging this ego with the applause from the people, he had to withdraw to the wilderness to pray. Luke 12:16.

The Lord sought to prevent anything that can arouse jealousy or uproar from the authority. He had to establish the truth of the gospel before he gives in to any possible brutality that may come from his rivals. He is the Messiah quite right, but the time of his full appearance would be announced as at when due.

We too must learn not to expose ourselves or use an achievement as ground to attract undue attention to ourselves. God will surely announce us when the time is ripe.

I pray that our life dream will never be cut short, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Spiritans Sound