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The confused man is the man for all.
He is all things to all men.
To him, God is good, but the devil is not that bad.
He is too free-minded that he can accommodate any kind of ideology since he believes that the truth is relative.

He shows how confused he is when he passionately enthrones today what he had vehemently condemned yesterday. He knew not when he condemns what he often practice.

There on his lips, you can never catch him. Meet him closely in actions, you will know that, there is more than two sides to a story.

# Your own take on life has a special spice to the world happenings.

#Don’t always dance to people’s expectation.

Dear one, as you move daily amidst people of diverse opinions, may your unique voice never be swallowed up in the bid to carry others along.

Spiritans Sound