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#LittleThingsThatChangeLives – The Need To Achieve UJAMAA (FAMILYHOOD)

All around us, life presents us with predominantly two categories of people pertaining to relationships. They are those who build fences and those who build bridges. It is not hard to see more people who tend to make more fences than to build bridges because of modern-day evil around us.

The quest for power, fame, recognition, control, etc., and the cravings in trying to have a good grasp of modernization have made people forget the basis of our existence, which is FAMILYHOOD. We enjoy it in small units but fail to realize that there is a need to replicate it in larger units. Unknown to us, the internet we popularly use is called a global village, a village of one family we have failed to embrace.

Some time ago, I woke up one bright morning to realize some irregularities in the arrangement of things in my compound. I found out that some thieves were around during the night. I traced the footsteps and it led me to suspect the movement came from the next compound adjacent to ours. The landlady of the same adjacent compound was approached, her reaction was hostile like she has no business dealing with me or my family. Years later, this same lady came to beg me for help as she needed to erect a structure. I should have been hostile to her too the way she was to me many years ago. I could have turned her down with the mindset of “an eye for an eye”., but instead I offered her help.

I learned that day that we live to build bridges and not fences amongst ourselves. We are all connected as humans are, as we live to get something from another person at one point or another. We, humans, are so many branches and leaves but one tree. In this retrospect, the words of  John Mbiti come to mind. “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, AND SINCE WE ARE, THEREFORE I AM. Together let us start to make the world a better place, a more humane world.



Bro Oghoghorie Andrew

Spiritans Sound