What you say does not matter.

What you do does not count.

What people say about you is not the issue.
What people do to you is not a problem.

If you choose not to talk, they will read meaning into your gesture or misinterprete your silence.
If you refuse to work, they will nail you there.
If you care about what they say, you will go insane.
If you react to what they do, you will loose your senses.

All you need, is to watch your ideals
Seek no human witness.
Seek to know God’s mind.
He will work in all for your good. And

You must know that you are not perfect.

You will not always be in the right

Know when you have erred.

Then God’s mercy will speak for you.


Dear one,

May the thoughts of your heart

May the words of your mouth

May the works of your hands

Win favour in God’s sight. Amen.


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