#LittleThingsThatChangeLife:- Lesson From The Poultry (The Outcome Of The Misuse Of Power)

The twist and turn between light and darkness, good and evil, day and night have brought about different phases in human existence. In as much as man wants to conquer the world, and even go further to do it at all cost, the means have always differed. While some have chosen the path of oppression and subordination, others have chosen the path of service. This has presented us with different types of great people, ranging from Alexandra the great to Nelson Mandela, etc. Too often, history loves those who have been conquered by service.

Doing poultry business has its own learning curve especially fish farming of which I was engaged with. Fish are one of the species of animals that eat their young ones when hungry and the catfish which I was involved with was not different. 

I was proud of one of the many fishes in the pond, it was the biggest and the fastest-growing fish until I suddenly woke up one faithful morning to realize it was weak and at death point. The possibility of the biggest fish being preyed upon began raising questions in my mind. I had to pick it out and make a meal out of it. Only to cut open and realize that it swallowed a smaller fish whose bone it could not digest. It could have also been possible that it chose to swallow smaller ones around and make a wrong choice with his power.

Then I understood that when some people have power just like the big fish, they will want to exercise it at all cost. Sometimes, they end up eating more than they can chew. At times, what they embrace most, what they use to oppress most, might finally be the same that eventually consumes them. 

Life then taught me that day that the will to dominate at all costs has never helped humans. As there are some battles to be won, and others to just let go. Learning to pick the right battle might just be what we want in order to win most of life’s battles. Yea, you can win the battles, just try to choose wisely.



Bro Oghoghorie Andrew (c) 2021 

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#LittleThingsThatChangeLife:- Lesson From The Poultry (The Outcome Of The Misuse Of Power) – Spiritans Sound

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