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#LittleThingsThatChangeLives-: The Gains Of A Healthy Relationship (A traveling experience)

Everyone has always wished to have a taste of the good deeds done to them; Even in the midst of extreme evil, good has always found its way up the ladder. Whether we understand what it really entails to be good or kind is another issue, but then, each human has a tendency of spreading the seed of good or evil, and one of such fertile grounds of this has been in man to man’s daily relationships.

Life is a journey and throughout life, man has always been on the move, be it from the house to the market; to see a relative, or to see a friend, etc. This journey might not really hit us with the realities of life until we travel to places where the only person we can call upon for help is someone we haven’t been in touch with for a long time.

After my final exams at Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Warri, I was to pick a flight from Delta to Lagos; and on the day of departure at the Benin Airport, I could not get there on time due to the delay at the bus park in Warri that would take me to Benin. I missed the flight and was stuck and helpless. Peeping through my contacts, I realized a friend with who I had contact about ten years ago. I called him up and he came to pick me up, gave me meals, and helped me till I made the next flight the next day 

It was at this point that I understood the need to keep a healthy relationship with those who we meet on a day-to-day basis because someday, the person who might save our situation might just be the ones we never imagined would help us. This can provide us with a life jacket when sinking. 




Bro Oghoghorie. O. Andrew2020 is a Spiritans Seminarian. 

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