#LittleThingsThatChangeLives:- Orderliness Or Chaos, Do We Really Have A Choice?

The world is predominantly arranged in two distinct ways; The way of orderliness and that of chaos. Humans have always lived in this world and have thus partaken in this arrangement. Most times, judgments about our behavior are based on this arrangement. For example, a man who doesn’t create room for quarrels and fights with others is termed as peaceful while the one who beat the war drum and make trouble is termed trouble maker.

There are people who are naturally prone to creating chaos just as there are others who live to create orderliness from chaos. Do we really have a choice? Maybe our geographical location and culture influence us or not, is another issue.

I went to withdraw money from the ATM one sunny afternoon; there was orderliness even though there were four ATM machines dispensing money; the queue was orderly too. This continued until someone came in and went straight to one of the four ATMs and form a new line. When confronted, the reply was “I never knew the queue was for the four ATM” and when even explained to, nothing changed. Probably the absence of an enforcer or security personnel to maintain the status quo aided the person. That day I understood that creating chaos was a choice. The person created chaos from an orderliness.

In another situation, there was this car user in the early hours of the day around 6 am, driving around Lagos, As the car approached the traffic light, he stopped even when the road ahead was free and there was no law enforcement agent or CCTV cameras around; then I saw someone who even with an opportunity to create chaos by disobeying traffic rules, opted for orderliness.

In all of these, I have come to the realization that chaos and orderliness are both sides of a coin, and today I leave the open-ended question, do we really have a choice.?




© Bro O. Oghoghorie. Andrew 2021 (CSsp)


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