The Pains We Travel With by Bro Andrew Oghoghorie

Welcome to this week’s edition of #LittleThingsThatChangeLives by Bro Andrew Oghoghorie

There will always be pain in our world and while some enjoy it, some endure it, and others find solutions to it. Growth, patience, and other progressive stages of life often involve painful paths. Patience has always been key to maneuvering these pains especially pains that take time to heal.

The end result of the pains we feel presents dangers to ourselves or to humanity or both.  Sometimes we find our joy in others’ painful situations, not realizing that we only pose as people who never feel pain but in reality are experiencing some form of pain in our lives.

Some time ago, I traveled from Warri, Delta state, to Enugu state by road; A lady who looked to be in her thirties sat in the second line of the seats; She appeared to be sick from a spinal problem and was ably supported by her husband. The state which she was in demanded that she was to stay put and not make strenuous movements; and for what she was traveling to Enugu for that was so important to her, She had to travel with the pains.

On this thought, I realized that we all have pains that we live with presently and I want you to understand that if someone helps you through your pain, while the same person is struggling with his/her own pain, then it is no more called help but LOVE. With a proper understanding of the pain we all travel with, we should all dispose of ourselves to help others ameliorate their pains in order to make the world a better place.





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