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Apart from those angelic personalities who come into your life to achieve a purpose and leave, you need a friend of long standing who can write your biography with ease.

However, while you don’t regularize your mistakes so as to live with them, accept your past failures and learn the different lessons thereof.

There are some good friends who know the history of your bitter stops and failures.

Choose from among them those who join you to build your desire positive future.

Jettison those who are experts in reminding you of your past failures.
Their passing comments or their sarcastic look at your present endeavour can create an emotional crack in your courage to achieve the project that lie before you.

You need a booster.
Give your time to those who join you to look into the future with enthusiasm; those who believe in you and are committed to your tomorrow.

You need enough energy to tackle the tasks ahead of you.

# Be a booster of a friend.

# Discern those who you know can be your catalyst.

Dear one, as you journey towards your eternal destiny, may nothing outside you stop you in your endeavours. May nothing of you keep you on a stand still, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Spiritans Sound