That which leads us to our destiny is obeying a divine command.

When we are too comfortable with our status quo;
When we settle for Egyptian’s cucumber;
God can put us on hot seat so that we can shift our location to where we can fulfil our dreams.

Joseph’s brothers may be accused of selling their brother;
Though the wife of Potiphar may be seen as an evil and adulterous woman;
The prison became a fertile ground for a great destiny.

Though the path which God’s angels take us through may be rough,
God’s eyes will never leave us.

When we are too soft for a bigger tomorrow, we may be led into tough times so that we may come out with a stronger character.

Dear one, as you enter this new month,
Simply look back with thankfulness.
God has been there all the way.

May all your troubles of the past translate into testimonies in your life.
May your tears turn into joy.
May all things work for your good.

May the last lap of the year be a time of testimonies for you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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