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THE BEST FRIEND TO AVOID, By Fr Oluwafemi Victor Orilua, CSSp


That nice guy;

Who greases your palms for the moment but cannot set you up to be independent.

He takes you a step forward and two backward.

He shows you nice prospects but keeps you gazing at it until your passion dies.

He makes you feel important just to keep you gummed to the immobile stool of a messiah in town

He shows you the Promised Land, but keeps the road map to himself.

He follows your progress in silence.

He concretely comes to help out when he realizes you are about breaking forth on your own.

And he uses a better option to halt your speed,

Until you come to a stage where you have to reboot again, if only you still wish.

Possibbly he needs your vital force to be refilling his energy bank.


Learn to be independent.

You have your own life to live.

Spiritans Sound