RIGHT BEHIND YOU, Fr Oluwafemi Victor Orilua CSSp.

They stand behind you

Why? You can’t fully know or really say.

Some to support you,

Some to scratch your back,

Some to watch your steps,

Some to follow your steps,

Some to laugh at you and

Some to sigh at you.

Your focus should be the direction where you face.

Care but don’t be bothered about what happens behind you.

You care by striving for the best in your forward movement.

You will not bother if only you will avoid all that may jeopardize your ultimate goal.

Don’t look back unless you want to give back to those who wait on you.

The best you can see lies before you.

Go for the best and never subscribe to backward movement.

Dear one, May you never waver from your life goal. Amen.

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