GRAVE TOO SMALL, By Fr Oluwafemi Victor Orilua,CSSp


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 Live beyond the grave

The grave is too small.

Verse 1

 Man’s stature, too big for his grave

Though the body was taken from the dust

Our endowment is limitless

Originated from the Eternal Father

Our stature is too big for the grave

Though our body may be dust

The grave is too small to contain it

God was there, but couldn’t stay.



Use all the Lord has given you

You must not die with them

Give all the Lord ask of you [My Sister]

He knows you can and you can

The world is waiting for you

There is no concert in the grave.


Verse 2

The Lord who gives is the Lord who takes.

You have no take on when he takes.

To whom much is given,

Much is also expected.

He is home waiting for you,

But, no, not in the grave

He has given the seed, your gifts

You must return home with the fruits


Verse 3 (Spoken)

Time is essence…

According to the Gospel of St John Chapter 21, Verse 25.

If all that the Lord did were to be written, the whole world will not contain the books. I mean the books that would be written.

Your entire time on earth not enough to exhaust your whole essence.

Friend, be your full version; beget your kind!

Pass on the baton, live beyond the grave!

Grave too small




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Obi Chidimma
Obi Chidimma
6 months ago

Nice one, more grace Padre

Mrs. Sarah Titilayo Asikpata
Mrs. Sarah Titilayo Asikpata
6 months ago

Very inspirational to aspire to live in Paradise.
Thanks Padre for the musical evangelisation. Remain blessed

Kevin Chiemezie
Kevin Chiemezie
6 months ago

Super lyrics…exceptionally motivational. I’m thrilled not just with the quality of the lyrics but also with the voice that delivered it. Good job…bravo padre!

Emeka okereke
Emeka okereke
6 months ago

Beautiful lyrics.weldone Padre

Odoh Ebugold
Odoh Ebugold
6 months ago

Very rich and highly spiritual thought giving song

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