FELIX CULPA: Dedicated To Those Who Are Torn Apart #LittleThingsThatChangeLives

It is a natural phenomenon for us to want to resist and regret our mistakes. Again, it appears natural that we will all make mistakes at some point in our lives. While there are some costly mistakes we might never recover from, there still remain so many others that we can call them the Felix CUPA. In this way, the mistakes that appear to have destroyed us or even killed us end up being the ones that save us.

The yuletide season, which usually falls around the last days of the year, means it is a period of painstaking reflection about the year, combined with the holiday, family reunion, and end-of-year party at my siblings’ school. During such events, classes are assigned to perform different activities like choreography, drama, spoken word, cultural presentations, and so on.

It was the turn of my siblings and classmates to perform their act. Children aged 3 to 5 years. During their choreography presentation, they were asked to lift a piece of cardboard each with a different alphabet written on them. As they all raise theirs, I suddenly notice a kind of murmur among the parents. This was because a child turned the letter M, upside down and was reading W. At the end, what was supposed to be CHRISTMAS LOVE, became CHRISTWAS LOVE.

It was a good mistake, as it brought out another new dimension to the season we are celebrating. Christ was love; Christ is love is the reason for the season, and this love must be preached to those torn apart by people who, by mistake, lead into various types of wars. Let LOVE lead. Shalom.

By Brother Andrew Oghoghorie



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