THE BEAUTY OF A NIGHT, By Fr Oluwafemi Victor Orilua CSSp


Genesis 1:1-2:2, Genesis 22:1-18, Exodus 14:15-15:1, Isaiah 54:5-14, Isaiah 55:1-11, Baruch 3:9-15,32-4:4, Ezekiel 36:16-17,18-28, Romans 6:3-11, Matthew 28:1-10


This night’s liturgy helps us to understand more that God has a purpose for creating the world and he will not be silent until that purpose is achieved. We read from the book of Genesis how God made the world and all that is in it. He made it to be lived in. His plans for us are great.

This night’s readings take us through a journey of faith, how the people of Israel were led by God despite their moments of sinfulness. We see how the faith and the sacrifice of Abraham brought us into a special covenant of love with God. Though the Israelites chose to follow their own ways, he chastised them and never abandoned them, because his love is everlasting. The Lord sent his son, our Lord Jesus to come and cleanse man’s lines of contamination by coming to live among us and saving us from the faults of those who have gone before us.

This night brings us through to the glorious resurrection of Jesus who came to save us from the dark night of our souls. His suffering and death were seen as scandal for those who expected a political messiah who by taking law into his hands would violently protest the government and overturn the oppressive system of the day. His passion mirrored those moments of pain in our lives as Christians when we think that God has abandoned us. There are times when life takes us through a barren soil, and we think that hope is gone. There, through the cracks of our brokenness we may see the bright light of God shining through so we could step our feet on a path where our hope is restored, and our pains snowballed into gains.

God is ever ready to journey with us in the darkness of our life and make it a blessed night. While walking with Jesus through his passion, let us rejoice in the glory of his resurrection.

This song, Holy Darkness summarises it all. Amen.


Song by Dan Schutte

Holy darkness, blessed night

Heaven’s answer hidden from my sight

As we await you, O God of silence

We embrace your holy night


I have tried you in fires of affliction

I have taught your soul to grieve

In the barren soil of your loneliness

There will I plant my seed



I’ve taught you the prize of compassion

You have stood before the grave

Though my love can seem

Like a raging storm

This is the love that saves.



In your deepest hour of darkness

I will give you wealth untold

When the silence stills your spirit

Will my riches fill your soul



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