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FROM THE KNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN, By Fr Oluwafemi Victor Orilua CSSp


SAINT Justin, Martyr

Justin Martyr, a renowned figure in early Christianity, was a philosopher and apologist in the 2nd century. His writings passionately defended the faith against intellectual skepticism, highlighting the compatibility of Christianity with philosophy. His martyrdom for his beliefs exemplified his unwavering commitment to the Christian cause.

Ecclesiasticus 42:15-26, Mark 10:46-52


All created things bear God’s insignia. We see God in the wonders of his creation.

Many people may approach us for different reasons which may not be any way close to what we are cut out for. What they want may be different from what we offer. At times, people’s understanding of who we are may be far from the truth, but we can give them the benefit of being closer, hoping that the proximity will surely help them to know our identity, and thereby subscribe to our ideals.

The blind Bartimaeus’s preoccupation was his condition. He needed someone who can bring him to see the light in order to savour God’s creation. By the time he heard of the approaching miracle worker from the House of David, he began to shout at the top of his voice, “Son of David help me.” But the over enthusiastic disciples who thought they were protecting the master could not allow him to get to Jesus until, he sent for him. He never knew he was the messiah, but his faith in what he could do earned him his healing and opportunity to embrace the salvation of his soul. And he began to follow them.

We too can help those around to come to the full knowledge of God. We can bring them out of ignorance into knowledge. We can bear witness to the gospel by our approach and the hands of welcome we extend to them.

May our life attract people to God. May our deeds lead people to encounter the wonders of God.


Spiritans Sound