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Imitate my Mother

Homily of Tuesday of the 33rd week in the ordinary time year A.
Theme: *Imitate my Mother*
By: *Rev. Felix O. Yayi, C.S.Sp.*
Ref: *Zechariah 2:14-17, Mathew 12:46-50*

*Prefiguration of the Salvific role*
Dear friends in Christ today the Church celebrates the Feast of the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This feast reminds us of the moment Joachim and Anne the parents of Mary presented her in the temple according to the tradition of the time. This presentation and consecration is a prefiguration of the salvific role Mary will play in the history of salvation.

*Imitate my Mother*
The lady full of grace was preserved from the stain of original sin and so was consecrated and presented in the temple today. Why was Mary preserved we may ask? In the first Reading from the book of Zechariah, God promised and assured his people that he would send them his salvation and every one of them would rejoice once again because he will dwell among them. How would this happen since the people had disobeyed God and worshipped pagan gods and idols. They had no access to the Ark of the Covenant which was in the temple King Solomon built. This Ark of the Covenant made with human hands and materials was so holy that no one was allowed to directly touch it, we remember what happened to those who mistakenly touched it. God is so holy and perfect and no corruption or sin may exist in his presence.

Dear friends on this day as we celebrate the Feast of the presentation of Mary we celebrate the new Ark of the Covenant so holy and pure spotless and without wrinkle. This is the Ark that will bring forth God’s Salvation to his people. Not only is Mary worthy of Honor because she was set aside by God but that she lived in accordance to the will of God. She lived obeying God’s commands and keeping them. And so Jesus tells us in the gospel that anyone who follows the Lord, obey his will and laws are his mother and brothers. Put in another way, imitate my mother for she has obeyed the will of God and kept the law pondering everything in her heart. We may interpret further by saying that Jesus tells the people around that do not just look at the appearance of my mother but imitate my mother in the way she lived so that you all may be worthy to be called my brothers and sisters. Jesus calls us today to imitate his mother by emulating her virtuous life.

As we celebrate today the Feast of the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary may she present us to her son that we may continue to be heirs of the Kingdom. Amen.

Spiritans Sound