About Us


Spiritans Sound Nigeria was established on Saturday December 1st, 2018. Rev Fr. Femi Victor Orilua, CSSp, set up Spiritans Sound Nigeria as a vehicle for evangelization. It has three facets: Music production, book publishing and digital media.


In the Light of the Word


To preach the Gospel through music and writing.


To serve as an engine for self-expression in music and a catalyst for creativity in writing.

At present, our music studio is located only in Lagos, at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ketu-Ijanikin. For enquiries, contact 08060129426 or you send an email to spiritansounds@gmail.com.



The sole aim of this initiative is to discover and harnessed raw music talents and to promote gospel music, thereby encouraging people to develop the attitude of praise. God dwells in the praises of His people. Psalms 22:3.

To achieve these, we therefore seek:

  1. To encourage talented song composers by providing services that include music voicing, mixing and mastering at a discounted rate.
  2. To undertake a part or total production of a music album for selected song composers and singers. This will be done either by direct sponsorship or by soliciting for generous people who would share in this noble dream.
  3. In order to control quality, to engage in sales of quality CD/DVD, the printing of music album jackets, duplication, and printing on CDs.


Spiritans Sound aims at scouting for raw talents in writing. This is not an outright commercial enterprise. Hence, we seek:

  1. To discover and encourage talented writers, especially those in their germinal form, and bring them into the limelight by direct or indirect publication.


Our media contacts are spiritansounds@gmail.com, www.spiritanssound.com, Whatsapp, 08184714103. Through these means, we seek:

  1. To provide access to our Christian articles, books, prayers, and other recommended texts which we deem fit can be of benefits to people.
  2. To make available some of our published books and music albums for downloads and for people to place their order.
  3. To create an avenue for counseling and other kinds of helpful interactions.


  1. If you are interested in receiving regular spiritual-quotes, messages, and prayers through our digital outreach, kindly send a text to your names, email, and mobile contact to the contacts below.
  2. Spiritans Sound digital outreach is a platform for evangelization and human emancipation. It is an avenue for sharing our gifts, treasure, and talents with others. If you are a priest or a trusted professional in any field and you care to share your professional prowess with those in need of your expertise ideas, kindly indicate. [Priest, Psychologist, legal practitioner, marriage counselor, music teacher, instrumentalist, vocalist, traveling agents. etc.] We need volunteers burning with Christian values who with no pay will be ready to offer advice or directions to those in need. Your yes entails putting your contacts on our website where people can reach you anytime they need your help. Kindly send a text with your names, email, and mobile contact and your field of expertise to our contacts.
  3. We hope to be organizing annual/biannual programmes, through which we shall be harvesting or show-casing some of our scooped talents and up-coming stars. If you feel moved to be part of this noble enterprise by a way of financial support or sponsorship, kindly indicate by sending a text with your names, email, and mobile contact to spiritansounds@gmail.com, 08060129426,08184714103.


Spiritans Sound Nigeria,

c/o No 101, Des Places House,

Osasere Osayogie Road,

Off KM 11, Lagos –Benin Expressway,

Benin City, Edo State.


c/o Spiritans Pronvincialate,

51, Femi Kila Street, Off Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.



08060129426, 08184714103.