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GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT: DON’T SEEK TO CHANGE ANYONE, my love letter to singles , Engr Bartholomew.

Dear Singles/about to marry,

Don’t go for someone with the mentality that you’ll be able to change them.

No, you can’t change anyone.

It is important to go for someone who meets your expectations otherwise, there will be problem.

If you are attracted to women, you have no business going after a tomboy.

If you don’t like a man who keeps beards don’t date one who keeps beards.

If you like stylish women, don’t go after frumpy women.

If you would rather have a partner who will be comfortable being a full housewife; don’t go after a career woman.

You see, one thing I have noticed about most people who are in a relationship these days is that they are not being realistic to themselves. 

Their expectations is too high and this is the reason many relationship crumbles nowadays. 

For instance, how do you expect your partner who has a fat body to reduce all of a sudden all in the name of being in a relationship with you? 

If you know you aren’t comfortable with a fat lady, why did you go for her?

Go for someone who fits in to your own ideal man/woman and stop making a fool of yourself by being unrealistic.

Stop putting people under undue pressure because of your own greed, selfishness and indecision.

Good morning

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