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Permit me to share how I have been able to turn my shyness into something exciting.

You may not have noticed, but I am very camera shy – regardless of how often I put my pictures on my status and appear in videos.

I actually learned to put myself out very often because I decided to make facing my inhibitions a habit, so much that I lose it eventually.

A few years ago, I hardly add my pictures to post and I dared not appear in any video. But I soon realized that my inhibition was standing in the way of what I wanted for myself, so I started daring to take more pictures and recording myself in videos privately.

It didn’t matter that I sometimes have to take over 20 pictures to get one cool enough to post online or that I often sounded and looked awkward in the early videos I shot. I kept doing it – starting and failing along the way.

Starting the Love show with *Precious Ladies* last year was a way for me to test how far I have come with facing my inhibitions, and doing it consistently meant that I could turn it into a habit.

But the biggest move I have made in that journey so far was opting to appear in the Loops Picture that I posted a few months ago.

We had contracted a vendor to make a proper picture using the best models and what not, but it was taking time to get the picture and I needed to send the picture to a Priest Friend. So, I took myself down to a nearby Estate and asked to be shot. I had finished before thinking about my inhibitions before the camera, but it was too late. 😂

The edit was done and sent to me. While others thought it was really cool, I struggled to believe. It took me a week to get the boldness to post online. The reception was, quite unexpectedly for me, great too!

Just last night, someone reached out to me after seen the picture and thought I did really well. Now, his Editorial crew wants to have my face in their Magazine for the third Edition and I have said yes!

I have gone back to look at the picture more than a hundred times and I’m still marveled by what this whole thing is turning into.

The point of this post is to encourage anyone reading to stop holding back. Your inhibitions are only there to limit how wide you can spread and farther you can go. I can’t tell you it will be easy, but if you start by taking small steps to overcome them, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

I had a strong phobia for flying too. But after a couple of local flights, I have come to understand that nothing do me. When it’s time to go global, I will be ready.

You can do same for yourself too. Decide to break out of your limits, and see how the story will gradually turn around for you.

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