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*HOW MEDICAL CHECKUP HAVE SAVED MY LIFE* , _Engr Bartholomew Ndubuisi_

If you have been going through the hustle and bustle of life and you have not done any medical check up on yourself in at least 2 years, you are a ticking time bomb! I lost a dear friend last year. He seemed all hale and hearty fine, full of life, always smiling, and never stopped planning his next big move to make life worth living. All of a sudden, he passed out, and in a few hours, he was dead. According to the doctor, his life might have been saved if he had checked into the hospital for any checkup. In the same vein, I know of a client I used to work for who casually walked into the hospital just to check his BP, and he had to be made to rest for at least a month. That was his saving grace. On Instagram yesterday, a lady shared the testimony of how going to check her cervix a few days before turning 30 saved her from the deadly disease called Cancer. I also stopped being a part of those whose HMO is "the blood of Jesus" and "the grace of God" when I literally felt my heart skip two beats sometime in 2017. It felt like switching off a TV all of sudden and putting it back at once. Since then, I have always made it a duty to get myself checked once or twice a year at least. Just like machines need batteries get weary and need regular maintenance to keep going, your body needs these checkups to function optimally. Leaving your body until it starts failing is the most dangerous thing to do. It's like suicide. Please don't do that, especially if you can afford to pay for the check up. I will not act like I do not know that checkups are not free. The fact that I can afford it does not mean it's the same reality for most other people. My the Lord grant us the best of health. Amen.
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