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YOU MUST NOT WIN ALL THE TIME:* My first and last fight was severe, _Engr Bartholomew_ 

In this life, when you are pushed to the wall… Wait, let me tell you my story 

Right from my primary school, I have always been the frail guy; one of the weakest guys. 

My classmates were usually more fleshy and bigger than me, so I usually never bother getting into a fight with them. And yes, it was easy to bully me or take me for a ride, even when I’m the one who’s right. 

When I got to secondary school, the situation didn’t change. I dared not think of getting into a fight when I would be dealing with scary men the size of hulk or people who would have already killed me with their mouth before we even start fighting. 😂 

I was content with watching others fight. It was not in my place to pick fights with anyone, especially because I feared my bones breaking. 

But it was not just me. There was quite a few of us who were in this category. 

So one day, something happened. 

I had a verbal altercation with one of those other guys who were like me. And shit soon became real, he was poised for a fight. 

Before I knew it, everyone had come out of their dormitories to watch the impending battle. 

This was not a battle of champions. It was more or less a relegation battle. The loser of the fight would be automatically crowned the weakest guy in the whole of School. 

Hay God!! 

Before I could think through a fighting strategy, two blows had landed on my face. WTF! I thought they said this guy couldn’t fight? 

“Omo”, the beating was serious. The guy beat me repeatedly. It was my first and last fight ever in School. 

I didn’t wait to be crowned, I ran. 😂 

So back to where I started. 

When you are pushed to the wall…sometimes, just enter the wall and don’t show your face. You can’t always win. Learn to back off. Know thyself.

You can be down, and still get beaten. It can’t be motivational story every time . Let me demotivate you this time.

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