No one can stop you from reaching the top except you. Neither can anyone stop you from fulfilling your purpose on earth.

It’s so sad that many people with great ideas have allowed the societal noise get to them to the point of giving in to fear thereby quitting their plans.

The truth is; had they not pay any attention to the societal noise, they might have reached the peak of their life and achieve their goals and aspirations.

I remember four years ago, when I was planning of leaving Hyundai Company, some of my colleagues ask me to stay back but I refuse and went ahead with my plans, today I am happy that I made that decision and that decision have taken me to places.

One thing to know is that; in life, people will always talk, it is a must for them to talk and you can’t stop them because everyone has the right to say whatever they want to say at any point in time.

But the only way you can stop them is by paying no attention to them.

I have seen people who abandoned their dream jobs because of what someone somewhere said to them.

I have seen students who had to stopped schooling on the basis that a mere human believes such a person is not fit for a proper education.

You see, whatever you have chosen to do, do it well, do it to your own fulfillment.

Do not think of what people will do or say to you. It’s your life, not theirs.

And I believe everyone has their own life to live. So whatever you have decided to do with yours should not be anyone’s business.

And the best thing you can do to yourself is to stop seeking validation from people.

Some people are dream killers. What they specialise in is making people feel bad about their weaknesses rather than their strength.

They are either jealous that they are unable to achieve what you can or they just want ‘that’ which you have and the only way they think they can have it is to talk you out of it.

Don’t let anyone stop you from actualising your God’s given talent.

Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what will make you happy.

After all, it’s your life. So live it well.

So if you are the type who is scared of starting a job, business, relationship, pursue a dream job, trying new things e.t.c, on the basis of what people will say, it’s time to dump your fears and face it.

This is a subtle reminder that, the society should never have a say in your life neither should you give anyone the opportunity to stop you from reaching the top.

Without mincing words, do not pay attention to what people have to say about your life, your decisions, your career, your ideas, in as much you are doing the right thing which will not cost anyone their happiness.

Do you.

Live your life to the fullest without the fear of what the society will say or think in as much it gives you joy and fulfillment.

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