Acts 20:28-38, Psalms 68:33-35a.35b.36b [R.33a], Accl Jn 17:17b.a, Gosp John 17:11b-19

If we are privileged to get a mentor, or a parent figure who serves as a point of reference for us, we should not play with his or her instructions, especially their last words to us.

Paul in his last admonitions to the elders in Ephesus gave them enough words to live by.

  1. Entrust yourself to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Feed the church of the Lord with the right teaching.
  3. Guard them against the wrong teachings from the wolves, the false prophets who seek how to enrich their own pockets and their belly.
  4. Help the weak.
  5. Be charity, learn to give.

Like Paul, we need someone to look up to for counsel, directions and instructions. We need someone, who having trod the path of life has something to bequeath to us. We need someone, whose voice will spur us in life, through whom we share in the grace of faithfulness to God’s will. Having such angels or guardian in our lives, we will never miss our way. The prayer of such personality and their backups would serve to cover us in some of our life challenges. Jesus is the best example of such personage. He keeps working in those who he has given graces to minister such grace to others.

All we need is the virtue to listen and obey.

Moreover, an example of what such leaders could do is what we see in the prayer of Jesus in the Gospel today. He prayed for his disciples. And the prayers will be effective for those disciples who are worthy of the recommendation the Lord Jesus gave to the Father.


Direct me O Lord to who will be a point of reference for me, who had walked truly in your steps, one who is worthy of your imitation, who can show me the way to my life call. Direct me to the one who will serve as a true backup for me in my journey through life, one will be a voice for me in my moments of ascent-whose takes would always open me up to the possible dimensions of grace I need in your merciful designs for me. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Josephine okoye
Josephine okoye
2 years ago


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